samedi 3 juin 2017

« Canard laqué, Canard au Sang », classé 2ème meilleure livre de cuisine chinoise aux Gourmand Cookbooks Awards 2017.

Je l’ai raté d’une marche ! Mon livre « Canard laqué, canard au sang : dialogue culturel entre les cuisines chinoise et française » aux éditions de l’Epure a été classé 2ème meilleure livre de cuisine chinoise du monde aux Gourmand Cookbooks Awards 2017 » dans la catégorie C9. 
Le verdict a été rendu par le jury le 28 mai 2017 à Yantai Chine. Je suis ravi d’être sur le podium et je remercie Edouard Cointreau, président du Jury. Le premier prix revient à Hélène et Lisa Tsé, dans leur invitation d’une odyssée à travers la cuisine de rue chinoise. Le 3ème prix revient à Pearly Kee dans sa célébration de la cuisine nyonya que j’ai eu plaisir à découvrir sur place à en Malaisie. Si vous souhaitez découvrir ces deux magnifiques livres, voici leur présentation.

A chinese street food odyssey d’Helene et Lisa Tse aux éditions Pavillion Books.

« Lisa and Helen have travelled across China in search of amazing street food. The recipes are truly accessible - easy for anyone to make in the comfort of their own kitchen. Ken Hom This beautiful book offers a real insight into the street food cultures of China and vividly evokes the smells and sounds of the markets. It's the closest you may get to experiencing Beijing street food without actually being there, smelling the mix of aromatic spices, caramelized apples, barbecuing meats and steaming dumplings, with clouds of smoke and noisy bustle all around you, and red lanterns glowing above. Over 100 recipes and a wealth of stories and insight into cooking methods bring this cuisine to life. All recipes have been carefully chosen to be achievable for the western cook. Helen and Lisa Tse have set out to encapsulate that sense of excitement, awe, wonder and hunger for these morsels of street food: from soft fluffy bao, to hot fried chicken, from piping hot bowls of noodles, to coal-roasted squid, delicate tea eggs and bubble tea, this is food to truly excite the appetite and awaken a sense of adventure in the kitchen. With a foreword from the master of Chinese cooking, Ken Hom, this is the essential book for the foodie bookshelf”

Pearly’s Nyonya Pantry de Pearly Kee aux éditions Areca Books.
“Thinking about the classic Nyonya dishes we eat and enjoy with our family brings back so many super memories. In fact, today it’s getting harder and harder to find some of the real old-school Nyonya classics such as – Laksa Lemak, Char Siput, Too Kwa Kean and Buah Keluak Kay – which you’ll uncover in this cook book. lt’s also becoming more challenging to find certain ingredients because demand has dropped as more people prefer to cook with ready-made pastes and some dishes have simply fallen out of favour (but not flavour!)
This book is an attempt to revisit the author’s childhood favourites and share these with a wider audience. Pearly says that good Nyonya cooking is not complicated, and as long as you can find fresh, quality ingredients there’s nothing to stop you from recreating these wonderful recipes in your own kitchen. To help out the beginner or experienced chef, she has included plenty of photos so they can easily identify must-have Nyonya pantry ingredients. She has also added little snippets on the health benefits, superstitions and traditions associated with these ingredients to encourage you to think about the food you put into your body.
Even if you didn’t grow up eating Nyonya cuisine, your own food heritage is just as rich. Respect it and treasure it. Eating well is the first step to maintaining a healthy body and you can enjoy all the traditional Nyonya recipes you’ll find in this book with a clear conscience! Do take the time to cultivate the various herbs and greens in your garden or planter boxes and don’t worry too much if you live in a cooler climate, many of the fresh herbs will grow in a warm, humid room.
Happy cooking and eating! »

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